Migrate JPQL query to Platform 7


I’ve tried to migrate a project from Cuba 6 to Cuba 7 framework but after I pass through couple compilation errors (reinject LookupField etc) finally I can run it.
Unfortunatelly when I try to open an old record I have this error:

IllegalArgumentException: You have attempted to set a value of type class com.crm.entity.Invoice for parameter ds_invoiceDs with expected type of class java.util.UUID from query string 
                select e from crm$Transaction e
inner join e.invoice i
where i.id = :ds_invoiceDs 

My xml file:

<collectionDatasource id="transactionsDs"
                <![CDATA[select e from crm$Transaction e
inner join e.invoice i
where i.id = :ds$invoiceDs

I think I have to setParameters…but I don’t know how…
In Cuba 6 framework it works.

Please advise!

Solved here.

Do you have a list with Cuba 7 modification?

I think you just need to change the “i.id” to “i”? Since :ds$invoiceDs references an invoice object, you can’t compare that to an ID (UUID) object.

I am also in the process of converting from v6 to v7, but I am also changing all of my Datasource definitions to Data Containers and Data Loaders. If you had written this as a v7 Data Container (which requires a change in the XMLNS namespace parameter), it might look like this:

    <collection id="transactionDc" 
           <loader id="transactionDl">
                      <![CDATA[select e from crm$Transaction e
inner join e.invoice i
where i.id = :invoiceId

Then in your Controller, you need:

private CollectionLoader<Transaction> transactionDl;

private void onInit(InitEvent event) {

   //  do something here to fill in the invoiceId you want to find transactions for

    transactionDl.setParameter("invoiceId",  invoiceId);


This is how you set a parameter in your query string.

Note – I typed this directly into the reply here. There are probably bugs, but this is the general idea.

I also refer you to this: Setting field value based on result from valueCollectionDatasource - #2 от пользователя krivopustov - CUBA.Platform

which has a better way of linking the data loaders. The code in that post maintains coordination by re-executing the transaction loader whenever the invoice is changed (in your case). My code does not do that. :wink:

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Thank you Eric!