IllegalArgumentException with master-detail UI

Hi Kirill,
thanks for your answer, I now know how to handle this via the instance.

But coming back to my real application with the Oracle DB another problem raised that I really don not understand.
I defines 3 tables, one in the middle (PRO) and two related tables (HST and PRT), both defined in the same way.

I then wanted to define a new view on entity PRO with the relations to the others, see below:

running the application WITHOUT having defined a UI I get the unexpected error:


just removing the HST relation in the view (see below) then the application runs without error:

This is very curious and I don’t have any idea how to solve the problem…

good morning, I think I solved the problem, gradle was still running…

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Hi, Thomas!

Are your problems solved?

Ki Kirill,
yes, my problems are solved so far, but maybe others will rais in future …:slight_smile:
I will then come back.
Many thanks, Thomas